A golden opportunity for the right person.

Mr. Benchtops has been operating as a successful and profitable business in N.S.W. since 1990.
Family owned and managed with a small number of franchises in N.S.W. who have been also been trading well for more than five years.

We have the business and practical experience to guide future franchisees to enable them to build a solid income.
Mr. Benchtops has captured a unique market. Benchtops are not only in kitchens, they are in offices, factories, shops, doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries, hospitals, restaurants, airports….that is, in just about every building.
Benchtops need to be fitted new, or altered for many reasons. They simply might be worn out, which is common. New kitchen cooktops might not fit the old cut out, the benchtops may have been damaged, or they may simply be an old fashioned colour and need to be updated.

We offer a low cost alternative to a completely new kitchen and we are able to complete the work usually in one or two days. The name is a registered trademark throughout Australia.

Mr. Benchtops holds the top level internet domain name of benchtops.com as well as benchtops.biz, benchtops.net, mrbenchtops.com, and mrbenchtops.com.au.

Google and Bing consistently place Mr. Benchtops on the first page of a worldwide search for benchtops. A constant source of business enquiries.

This is a proven business with a solid cash flow, low business risk, and a small start-up cost.

For further enquiries please email Toby Sheppard at sydney@benchtops.com or call 0418-231-211.